How It Works

Auto Shop Follow-Up works as an extension of your team to create a meaningful customer experience that reflects the uniqueness of your shop.

Call Backs

Our most popular Follow-Up by far! Customer callbacks are the lifeblood of a good customer follow-up system. While digital tools abound, at the end of the day customers want to do business with other people, specifically those they know, like, and trust. Our Ambassadors will call your customers to follow-up the week following their visit. Our ambassadors ask open ended questions to get your customers talking about what is important to them. We take down this data and send it over every week so you as the owner always have a high level look, from the customers perspective, about what is happening in your business.

Call backs include:

  • Stay personal as all calls come from a Local Area Code
  • Book more appointments, our ambassadors schedule for you while on the phone
  • See more reviews consistently coming to Google
  • Detailed feedback and direct quotes from customers

Oil Change / Appointment

Reminder calls when their vehicles are coming up due for an oil change based on mileage or time. We call each customer as a courtesy reminder, and invite them back into the shop. Online scheduling included! A great way to stay in touch, and keep your customers coming back.

Lost Customer Reactivation Calls

Customers can leave for a lot of reasons. Sometimes they move out of the area, but many times they receive an oil change coupon from your competitor down the street, and we just need to build the relationship. Our Ambassadors call these customers that you have not seen in your shop in ten or more months to invite them back in. We can schedule the appointment while we’re on the phone, as well as provide them with a special offer of your choosing as an incentive to bring them back. Sometimes with these calls, we find other issues within the shop itself that we are able to address through the feedback we receive on the phone. Either way, these worthwhile calls will drive revenue, car count, and give you data on why your customers are not coming back.

Declined Service Calls

Every shop has declined service work. For many shops, this is the list that gets called on when things get slow. When you work with Auto Shop Follow-up, these calls can happen every week on a consistent basis. Declined services, especially those with a safety component are critical for you and your team to follow-up on. Not simply because of the increased appointments and revenue, but because it’s important. This follow-up really checks two boxes: Scheduling appointments, and letting customers know how much you care about their safety and well being. These follow-ups are best placed 3-4 weeks after the customers have been in to your location, allowing time to consider, as well as for another paycheck to arrive in case the waiting was financial.

Handwritten Thank You Notes:

Everyone loves to receive handwritten mail! It’s always the first thing to get opened, and always read. What other mailer can you send that can say that? As always, the simple things can be really time consuming. This is why our team will hand write, address, and stamp Thank You cards on your behalf, so you know it’s happening every time!

What Comes Out Of Following-Up?

Scheduled Appointments

When making follow-up calls, it is very common to uncover additional needs in the household.

“Yes the break job you did is fantastic, but my wife’s AC is blowing a little bit warm”

We get these appointments booked and on your calendar driving more appointments each month. Keep your services advisors on the floor doing what they do best, and we will take care of the rest.


The most important thing your shop develops thought consistent customer followup calls is relationship. At the end of the day,

consumers do business with those they know, like, and trust you.

We help to build those relationships in a consistent way by having meaningful conversations with your customers. If your customer wants to tell us about their most recent visit, great! If they just want to chat and catch up, we’re going to do that too. We want to meet every customer where they are at.


What didn’t go well that we can do better? Callbacks are a great time to see your shop through the eyes of the customer.

All of us have opportunities to improve our businesses, but in todays world, you not likely to find out there was a problem until the customer leaves a negative review, or simply doesn’t return.

Whether its consistently rude team member, or the cookies in your waiting area are stale, we give you all the data uncut.


How often do you collect positive feedback that you are able to take back to your team to tell them they are doing a great job?

Our team members not only need the places to improve, but the places they are seeing success as well. With our customers highlights you get opportunities to see what is working in your shop, and whose name is being brought up.


 While customer relationship is our primary focus, as we speak with your happiest customers, we invite them to share their experience online and provide them with a link to do so.

Consistent 5 star reviews from your happiest customers consistently being left on your top review sites.


Customer retention is what it is all about. How many new customers is your shop seeing each month? How many of those come back for their next service?

Increasing retention is the best way to drive revenue quickly, and consistently.

You might be wondering...

Can’t I do this myself for less?

Can you do it yourself? Yes absolutely! Will it cost you less money? Probably not. 

Here’s why. There are a lot of costs associated with running a program like this to consider…

Hourly cost of a new team member

Managing that team member

Replacing a short term position and retraining

Tools of the trade

Building a repeatable system, and executing with consistency.




Activate your integration.

Our shop is different, our customers know us.

We love that your customers love your team, and they will love us too! This isn’t an outsource, we are an extension of your team. For most business owners when they hear about us, they picture an old timey call center with Robotic humans reading scripts. Our entirely US based team of trained customer advocates are not only personable, but personal to your shop.

My service writers make these calls.

That’s great! You are already ahead of 99% of shops. 

And while doing calls in house is something you should be doing if you are not using a team like ours, we think there are a number of compelling reasons to let us join your team… Check it out.

My service writers are supposed to be making these calls.

Customer followup is a bit like going to the gym in two ways

  1. … if you want results, it needs to be consistent. 
  2. Because you made calls once six weeks ago, it’s easy to keep giving yourselves credit. 

We bring consistency and methodology to your follow-up

I have every digital tool under the sun

Unfortunately there is no silver bullet in marketing and anyone who tells you they found it is a liar!  I will say this though… what we do is different. We are not a software that you have to run, or a tool you have to implement. We are old school, relationship building, customer service. Making connections, shaking hands (post covid!), and building relationships. Which ironically is what all the digital tools we use, were meant to eliminate. But at the end of the day, people do business with people. Those that they know, like and trust. That’s what we’re bringing back. We want to be an extension of your team. We are connecting in a personal way, and sending you the results weekly.

Can I trust your team to be as good as we are?

Absolutely. In fact, I would argue we can do it better. Not only are our staff trained in customer service, but in how to get customers talking about what was important to them. 


One comment we hear a lot is “we know we should do the calls, but no one really loves doing them.”


When it comes to relationship development, you really want someone doing your calls who WANTS to be doing it. If the job is being done but in a “check the box” capacity, then not only are you spending your time and energy on something but you are not getting the results you can get. At Auto Shop FollowUp we don’t believe in long contracts, so you can try our services and compare to your own results.

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